Home for sale in Burlington

Home for sale in Burlington

Are you looking for a home as a first-time buyer in Burlington ON real estate? You may already be settled that you prefer to buy the home instead of renting one and want one that suits your budget and new lifestyle. Most young home shoppers will opt for condos, townhouses, and duplexes, depending on their specific circumstances. Which one of these homes is available in our market and how can you choose the best one?

Duplex and townhouses

These two types of homes have plenty of similarities and critical differences in Burlington real estate. They are excellent for first-time homebuyers who want a comfortable home without the financial constraints of a single or multi-family home also available on our platform. The simplest definition of a duplex is that it is two townhouses that are attached and have mirroring designs.

The townhouse may be attached to many other houses in the same block, while a duplex only has two residences. It is essential to look at the perks and drawbacks of each one to understand their financial and lifestyle settings.


Buying a duplex is the easiest and smartest way to own a home and still make money from it. You can get a duplex at the price of one townhouse and use one section to live and the other one for business or rental. Townhouses are different because they only allow one person to buy the property. You can choose a townhouse if you want an affordable property for your particular living situation.


An attached property has much less privacy than a detached unit. We have many different designs for both townhouses and duplexes and can find you a unit with a private yard, one neighbor, and walls or fences that shield your space from prying eyes. Duplex owners can clarify the regulations and rules they wish to maintain in their properties, such as yard and driveway regulations and the noise ambiance limit.

Resale and new constructions

First-time home buyers will more than likely buy a resale home as they build up their finances for new Burlington houses for sale. People also buy resale homes if they cannot find alternatives to the specific location and character of the resale. We have plenty of homes with exciting characters, charm, and design opportunities that are not available in new homes. You may want to look at some of our resale homes as soon as possible because they attract massive clients and reach a closing date because of their affordability.

Newly constructed homes

The newly constructed homes typically have more comfortable financial arrangements like full warranties for the builder, structure, and mechanical issues. We do not coordinate with builders to create a new home from scratch that matches your exact granite color and hardwood type. However, we have many new real estates for sale in Burlington with the latest trends and little to no previous occupancy.

We encourage clients to look at all the above options and many more by scrolling through our buy and sale list. Let us help you narrow your search when you contact us online or call 905-257-3633 for a personalized consultation on Burlington homes for sale.

Home for sale in Burlington
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Home for sale in Burlington
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